The Glossfather was born from a lifelong petrolheads passion for keeping vehicles in a straight out of the box condition…We absolutely thrive from seeing super shiny clean cars rolling off the detailing bay. The look on owners faces as they admire their vehicle with just as much excitement as the very first time, that’s something special! We have a comprehensive variety of cleaning, detailing and polishing treatments available, so pop in for a coffee and come chat to us about what suits your vehicle’s needs.

Wash Dry

The best car wash is always done by a pro detailer, so swing by for a decent cup of coffee in the Moto Village facility whilst we take care of your vehicle.

Polishing Treatments

The Glossfather has various treatments which are decided based on your vehicle’s current status. Bring your vehicle in and let us decide together what suits you and your car.

Ceramic Coatings

After a deep detailing and polishing treatment, the best way to ensure longevity in the shine and paint protection, is a ceramic coating.

Headlight Restoration

Let us remove that faded, milky and dull sheen from your headlights so they pop crystal clear good as new!

Fabric Guard

We spend more time inside our cars driving than we do admiring them from the outside, so interior protection is definitely warranted, especially if your vehicle has heavy use or you have kids. Fabric guard will keep all fabrics on your car plush and looking brand new, we do this by coating the interior fabrics with product, giving them protective and hydrophobic properties and leaving them life proof.

Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning engine bays, motors and parts to bring back that original silver, aluminium or steel sheen by removing years of dirt and grime build up.